Become a partner

Your donation allows us to grow and become an influential part of our community.  In addition to money, we accept volunteer time, goods and services to support our efforts.  If you would like to donate, please contact us with your information. 


Spread the Word

Tell your friends and family about our coalition.  There's no better way to make an impact than to become an active advocate yourself. Join now and make an impact. 

Work with a Committee


Purpose: To provide the Partnership with community analysis in order to develop an effective strategy to address issues within the communities.

  • Organize and participate in community scans.

  • Collect (several sources have been established), review and report statistical data relating to youth substance abuse.


Purpose: To assist with the organization, development and scheduling of community ANGEL volunteers in the Partnership’s Hope Not Handcuffs program.

  • Assist the ANGEL coordinator with scheduling of volunteer ANGELs.

  • Train to become an ANGEL and then participate in our Hope Not Handcuffs program.

  • Collect items and organize “Care Kits.”

  • Recruit community members and businesses to build program collaboration.

  • Become an ANGEL trainer.


Purpose: To oversee financial activities of the Partnership.

  • Assist the Committee chair/treasurer by researching fundraising and grant opportunities.

  • Monitor expenditures and reporting.

  • Help fundraising committee organize small fundraisers to help offset general business costs.


Purpose: Focus on raising funds for the execution of the Partnership’s strategic plan.

  • Organize and carry out small fundraisers a couple of times per year.

  • Solicit people from volunteer committee to assist at fundraisers.

  • Solicit local businesses to donate to fundraisers.


Purpose: Actively recruits members based on Partnership needs. Emphasis on establishing and maintaining a volunteer corps to support Partnership projects and initiatives.

  • Organize “Welcome Packets.”

  • Greet new people who attend our meetings and orient them to our purpose/mission.

  • Participate in campaigns and outreach events (sticker campaigns, drug take-back days, local festivals, etc.).


Purpose: Focuses on promoting the messaging and activities of the Partnership in order to increase visibility within the community.

  • Promote the activities of the Partnership.

  • Liaison to media.

  • Develop & promote public relation campaigns.

  • Press releases.


We also need:

  • A pro-bono attorney for an occasional document or two.

  • Graphic designer to help with flyers and cards.

  • Website developer to help with our site.

  • Writers to help with letters and campaigns.