Pine Bush Juniors sign iPROMise

The Pine Bush Junior class members signed a promise that promotes a safe and healthy life. An assembly was held in the auditorium where members of the S.A.D.D. Club along with Tri-County Community Partnership and the Crawford Police Department spoke about the dangers of drinking, drugs, driving under the influence and driving while distracted. Each class member signed their name committing to a safe lifestyle, especially for tonight’s prom. The iPromise banner will also hung at the prom banquet hall as a friendly reminder.

The iPROMise: “I recognize there are consequences for every decision I make. I promise not to drink alcohol or use drugs. I promise to call my parent/guardian for a ride if I feel unsafe. I commit to living in a safe and healthy way. I promise to always wear a sea tbelt, not text while driving and to never ride with an impaired driver.”