Super Bowl Sticker Campaign Underway

Tri-County Community Partnership distributes ‘big game’ stickers

Hudson Valley Times, January 30, 2019

The Tri-County Community Partnership (TCCP) is hoping to start a conversation around the television as families and friends dig into pizza and wing boxes on the weekend of the all-important football game.

TCCP treasurer and board member Alayne Eisloeffel said the partnership will distribute about 4,000 stickers to be placed on pizza and wing boxes from 10 pizzerias and restaurants in the Pine Bush school district.

The stickers contain positive statistics regarding the use and perception of marijuana and alcohol among young people, teaching students that not as many of their peers use substances as they may think.

“We’re hoping to change the perception and make people realize that not every kid is using and that kids who are maybe on the borderline of making a destructive decision, it’ll change their minds,” Eisloeffel said.

The stickers are designed to spark a conversation between parents, young people and friends.

“What we’re hoping is that it just gets a conversation started amongst families, amongst friends about the perception of alcohol and marijuana use and abuse,” Eisloeffel said.

Eisloeffel said the partnership has received feedback from members of the community that the stickers did spark conversation in their homes.
Education and prevention are important when it comes to substance use, Eisloeffel said.

This is the third year of the campaign. Eisloeffel said the partnership chose this weekend because it allows the stickers to gain the most exposure. The stickers will run from Friday through Sunday.